No Guidance for Earnings Next Quarter

Brian Chaffin, writing at The Mac Observer, points to some actual disappointing news in Apple’s results today:

Accordingly, Apple offered guidance of revenue between $41 and $43 billion. Consensus estimates for revenue were sitting at 45.4 billion. In the old days, Apple’s guidance of $41-$43 billion would have been perceived as being roughly in line with that consensus number, but in the new era of a “we’re not sandbagging” Apple, that represents a guidance miss. […]

Notably — and this could also be having an after-hours affect on $AAPL — Apple didn’t offer guidance for earnings.

I wonder about the lack of guidance on earnings too. Revenue growth was just fine for the just-reported quarter — it’s earnings that disappointed. Update: Apple didn’t mention earnings, but given the numbers they did provide, you can work it out, and it’s a drop.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013