Acer and Chrome OS, Sitting in a Tree

Tim Cuplan and Debra Mao, reporting for Bloomberg:

Chrome-based models accounted for 5 percent to 10 percent of Acer’s U.S. shipments since being released there in November, President Jim Wong said in an interview at the Taipei-based company’s headquarters. That ratio is expected to be sustainable in the long term and the company is considering offering Chrome models in other developed markets, he said.

Sounds like Chrome OS is starting to get some traction, but I do wonder if actual sales match the “shipments”. Looking at my stats here at DF, Chrome OS accounted for 0.04 percent of traffic over the last four weeks.

“Windows 8 itself is still not successful,” said Wong, whose company posted a 28 percent drop in fourth-quarter shipments from a year earlier. “The whole market didn’t come back to growth after the Windows 8 launch, that’s a simple way to judge if it is successful or not.”

Gone are the days when PC OEMs feared Microsoft’s wrath.

Monday, 28 January 2013