Twitter Mentioned in 50 Percent of Super Bowl Commercials

Matt McGee, writing for Marketing Land:

According to my count, Twitter was mentioned in 26 of 52 national TV commercials — that’s 50 percent of the spots that aired during CBS’ game coverage. Facebook was mentioned in only four of those commercials — about eight percent. Google+, which is reportedly the No. 2 social network in the world, wasn’t mentioned at all.

This is a huge change from last year’s Super Bowl, when Twitter and Facebook both tied with only eight mentions out of a total of 59 counted national commercials.

Twitter’s rise as a mainstream mass market platform is rather staggering. It doesn’t get any more mass market than being mentioned in 50 percent of Super Bowl commercials. But why the drop for Facebook? My guess: marketers are no longer hedging their bets, and have decided that Twitter is the network they should put their weight behind. Also: Twitter has hashtags, Facebook doesn’t, and “#SomeMessageHere” is how a lot of these pointers to Twitter are being made.

Monday, 4 February 2013