Should Apple Follow Netflix’s Lead and Produce Its Own Movies and Shows?

Bryan M. Wolfe, writing for AppAdvice:

Going forward, Apple could learn a lot from Netflix. With all the talk of a rumored Apple television, perhaps Apple should consider getting into the television production business, or at least partnering with someone else. After all, it is in Apple’s DNA to control all aspects of whatever they produce.

Just imagine the excitement were Apple to release an actual television that came with original programming. I bet that it would be huge, for example, if Apple would work with Disney’s Pixar to create original children’s programming only available on Apple devices.

Not an outlandish idea. But Apple makes its money selling hardware and building platforms. Why should Apple compete with HBO and Netflix when, as it stands now, they can provide access on their platforms to both HBO and Netflix? Apple’s interests are aligned differently than Netflix’s.

The converse of this is why Netflix abandoned its plans to build its own set top hardware box, instead spun it off to Roku.

Update: It also occurs to me that hypothetical Apple-produced content would likely be rated no older than PG. You’re not going to see House of Cards from Apple.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013