Why Michael Dell Took Dell Private

Ashlee Vance, writing for Businessweek:

The worst-case scenario for Michael Dell would have occurred if an activist shareholder had gotten into the mix. Dell would have faced the prospect of being kicked out of the company that bears his name. I’m certain this is why Dell went private. Dell, Silver Lake, and Microsoft get a company that pumps out enough cash to keep all parties happy, while Michael Dell shields himself from being berated by analysts, investors, and the media. Best of all, he gets to keep his company.

I’m curious to see how Microsoft’s $2 billion investment in this deal will play out with all the other Windows OEMs. It’s one thing for them to get into bed with Nokia, in a market where Microsoft was floundering, but another for them to get into bed with a particular PC maker.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013