Twitter Wasn’t Mentioned in 50 Percent of Super Bowl Ads – Hashtags Were

Bobby Grasberger, regarding Matt McGee’s methodology for counting Twitter references in Super Bowl commercials:

All 26 of his “Twitter mentions” included hashtags. But many of the hashtags were platform agnostic: not accompanied by a Twitter logo.

In fact, by my count only 3/26 of the hashtags were accompanied by a Twitter logo. That means the other 88% (23/26) could just as easily be credited to Instagram, Google+ or, most appropriately, all three major hashtag-supporting platforms.

Fascinating, really, that when it comes to punctuation-character-prefixed social media network jargon, “#SloganHere” hashtags are now seemingly far more common in advertising than “@CompanyName” account names. I do think the fact that they work across both Twitter and Instagram is a factor here.

Update: Great point by Matthew Hunt:

The interesting part to me is hashtag = “you should talk about us”, vs. old “go here to see what we have to say”.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013