Gender Divide in Tablet Size

Darren Murph, writing from the AllThingsD Dive Into Media conference:

Kafka then asked about the subscription split, and where the iPad fit into that mix. Carey’s response? “The iPad is the dominant player, because the volume is there. What Barnes & Noble and Amazon figured out early was the 7-inch screen. Our men’s products did well on the 10-inch iPad, but our women’s products did not. But, they did really well on the 7-inch units — something that you can easily slip into your purse. We saw the 7-inch devices having more traction with women, while the larger 10-inch devices had more traction with men. We’re really happy that Apple introduced the iPad mini, and we’re awaiting the most recent numbers on how our publications are doing on that.” When Kafka specifically asked about Android traction, Carey added: “Google Play isn’t the biggest storefront at this point, but we want to work with everyone.”

Tuesday, 19 February 2013