My thanks to Everpix for sponsoring this week’s DF RSS feed. Everpix is a smart photo platform that helps you make sense of your growing photo collection. It’s an ambitious endeavor: think of it as a cloud-based alternative to iPhoto for organizing and storing your entire photo library. It’s designed with modern photography in mind: the assumption is that we all have thousands of photos (the average Everpix user has more than 10,000), are adding hundreds more each month, and that few of us ever take time to organize our new photos.

Everpix does the organizing for you, based on dates and on very clever semantic analysis of the content of your photos. It’s impressive technology. They have terrific iPad and iPhone apps for viewing and browsing your library, and Mac and and Windows apps for syncing your photos from your computer to their cloud. You can keep using apps like iPhoto, Lightroom, or Aperture for importing from your camera and making editing adjustments.

Everpix is not a social network like Flickr or Instagram, it’s your personal photo library, stored in the cloud, accessible via really well-designed native client apps for iOS. The apps are free, as is the 30-day free trial to start. After that, subscriptions are easy: $5/month, or $40/year. (What a novel business model: charging money.) I’m loving it, and very impressed. I highly encourage everyone to give the free trial a go. Bottom line: Everpix is what iPhoto/iCloud photo syncing should be.

(Sidenote: Among their investors: Bertrand Serlet and Picasa co-founder Michael Herf.)

Friday, 22 February 2013