Great new service, sort of like Google Voice but private. CallingVault provides you with a new phone number that you have complete control over. You get call forwarding, SMS, voice mail, etc. — but the main appeal is that you get the freedom to give this number out to just about anyone and everyone, because CallingVault gives you the ability to filter and block calls from unwanted numbers. Like most of you, my only phone today is my mobile phone, and I never feel comfortable using that number when, for example, ordering products online. CallingVault provides you with a number you can distribute freely.

The website is great too, really well designed. Plans start at just $3.25/month — cheap.

Update: A bunch of readers have asked how CallingVault is better than Google Voice. For me: privacy (from Google), and a general discomfort with “free” services. I also think the interface is better.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013