Samsung’s ‘Tone-Deaf and Shockingly Sexist’ Galaxy S4 Launch Event

Molly Wood, writing for CNet:

The comically alcoholic one, DeeDee, then proceeds to demo how eye tracking can pause a video when you look away from the screen… as she looks away at a hunky gardener type who proceeds to take off his shirt.

“While the women are cooling down,” says the emcee, “why don’t you tell us about S Health?”

By then, it’s almost too easy to have there be a joke about marrying a doctor and then the one about eating too much cheesecake ohyeahthatoneIshouldhaveseenthatcoming. Of course those jokes are in there. Why would those jokes not be in there? We already had a tap-dancing tow-headed kid and a hot Brazilian girl.

I’d say they went right over the line from sexism to outright misogyny. You really have to see this thing, especially the second half, to believe it.

Friday, 15 March 2013