A Review and Comparison of the Juice Pack Helium and Air for iPhone 5

David Chartier:

I honestly don’t understand why the Helium exists. To be clear, the Helium and Air are both great, but do enough people care so much about such a small difference in size, weight, and battery to warrant two separate cases released just weeks and $20 apart? It would be more understandable if there were more space between the two, perhaps if the Air had a 2000+ mAh battery and the necessary increase in overall size. Then again, I don’t work in the battery case industry, so maybe Mophie knows something I don’t.

I had one of these for my iPhone 4 and 4S, but I’m seriously questioning if I’d ever even use one for my iPhone 5. And like Chartier, I wish they charged via Lightning rather than micro USB; I don’t want to pack the extra cable.

Monday, 25 March 2013