The Biggest Problem in Technology

Matt Buchanan, for The New Yorker:

Given the advantages of time, distance, and a rational mind, it is relatively easy to see that basically everybody involved erred (though some far more severely than others). No one emerges unscathed: Richards’ public tweet shaming the pair was disproportionate to the inherent offense in their comments; the pair should not have made an unfunny dick joke — one that has been made too many times already — at a tech conference that emphasizes its diversity and code of conduct; PlayHaven should not have immediately fired the developer for the “inappropriate comments” (even if there were other factors, the timing is poor); vigilantes should not have launched attacks against SendGrid; SendGrid should not have fired Richards (again, if only for timing, not to mention that it sends the message that speaking out is wrong); and most of all, horrible people should not have bombarded Richards with threats of death and rape.

Thursday, 28 March 2013