Netbooks Claim Chowder

Rik Myslewski, writing for The Register last week, “Netbooks Projected to Become Extinct by 2015”:

Proving yet again that fame and fortune are fleeting — even for computer hardware — the analysts at IHS are projecting that the netbook, the New Hotness just a few short years ago, will disappear completely by 2015. […] In a new report entitled “Compute Electronics Market Tracker”, IHS analyst Craig Stice puts the blame for the netbook’s demise squarely upon the shoulders of the tablet market — and specifically Apple’s iPad.

Rik Myslewski, writing for The Register back in 2009, “Apple Loses Students to Netbooks and Windows”:

And these days, customers - especially the proverbial starving students - are seeking low-cost computing devices that will allow them to take notes in class, check their email, write papers, and surf the web, all without straining their backpack bedecked backs as they tote them around campus.

Namely, netbooks.

It was just over a year ago when Apple edged out Dell as the laptop-of-choice among college students. The rise of the netbook may have made that victory a short-lived one.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013