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Mailbox for iPad

Even though I don’t use it (because it’s Gmail-centric, rather than a general IMAP client), I greatly admire the design of their iPhone app. This iPad version feels a bit half-assed though:

  • Landscape only.
  • The content pane only appears after you select a message in message pane. Feels unfinished.
  • Popover menus appear centered on screen. That’s wrong on the iPad — they should be attached to the button or object that makes them appear. (E.g. the hamburger button in the content pane.)

See Also: Ryan Tate’s interview with Mailbox founder/CEO Gentry Underwood. It’s interesting, but I almost laughed at this question from Tate:

You did a very cool thing, but in some ways a very simple thing. Why hadn’t anyone tried more of this before?

There is nothing simple about making an email client.

Friday, 24 May 2013