Android Fragmentation

Jonny Evans, reporting for Computerworld:

The BBC Trust today responded to a complaint the broadcaster favored iOS devices when it comes to adding features to its catch-up on demand iPlayer service for Android phones. This complaint was rejected because the Trust found “no evidence” to suggest iOS had been “unfairly favored.”

Instead of pro-Apple favouritism, the Trust found a series of quite logical reasons why Android lagged iOS when new features were added to iPlayer, mostly surrounding the “complexity and expense” of developing for Android.

The company also noted a couple of other logical reasons why developers dealing with limited time and budget would opt for Apple’s mobile OS:

  • Engagement is higher on Apple devices
  • Android is fragmented
  • Android development is complex and expensive

OK, but other than that, how did you enjoy developing for Android, Mrs. Lincoln?

Monday, 3 June 2013