Charles Perry: ‘Vesper: The First App for iOS 7’

Good words from Charles Perry on the design of Vesper:

My concerns over iOS 7 preparations lingered during WWDC, but once I returned home I realized my mistake. In fact, there is already an app in the App Store from which I can draw inspiration for this new style. An app that adopts the look and feel of iOS 7 by elevating the content over the chrome. An app that uses color and animation in the style of iOS 7 to clarify content. I realized that, for all intents and purposes, Vesper is the first iOS 7 app in the App Store. Despite being an iOS 6 app, Vesper adopts the major idioms of iOS 7 and serves as a great example of how developers can adopt those same idioms and still retain an individual identity for their app.

This made my day, but allow me to put my humble hat on for a moment, and praise two apps that foreshadowed iOS 7 long before Vesper: Letterpress and Twitterrific 5. I’ve been a TweetBot man for quite a while, but on my iOS 7 testing device, I find Twitterrific is the only Twitter client that feels right at home.

Saturday, 22 June 2013