Paying for iOS 7-Ready Apps

Gedeon Maheux:

I’m sure many users are expecting developers of popular applications to simply update interface elements, compile some code and easily drop a brand spanking new version of their app onto the App Store for free. There’s little doubt that the majority of iOS 7 updates to existing apps will be free (which will please Apple), but I suspect there will be a surprising number of developers who will use the launch of the new operating system to completely re-boot their app, and why not? The visual and interactive paradigms iOS 7 mark a natural breaking off point and a perfect opportunity to re-coup costs. Some existing paid apps might even adopt an iOS 7 only strategy which means they’ll have no choice but to charge again.

Along those lines, Savvy Apps released version 4.0 of their excellent iPhone calendar app Agenda today, not as a free update but as a $1.99 “new” app. I’m very curious to see how this strategy works.

Thursday, 18 July 2013