Mat Honan After a Day With Chromecast

Mat Honan:

Likewise, if you’re running it in a browser, Amazon Instant video, Hulu, Rdio, and HBO Go all just work. As did video from Wired, Gawker media, and Flickr slideshows. We ran photos from Facebook fullscreen. We watched a live Flash stream of a Braves game on an extremely shady bootleg site that spawned approximately a gazillion Chrome windows in the background.

Wow, that sounds way better than the built-in MLB app on Apple TV.

Content-wise, this is an interesting strategy. Rather than negotiate TV-specific deals with these providers (other than Netflix), Google is just making Chromecast look like any other instance of Chrome the web browser. I wonder what its useragent string is — will sites like Hulu and HBO Go attempt to block it? If they can block it, it’s Google TV all over again. If they can’t, how has Google accomplished this?

Saturday, 27 July 2013