Washington vs. Apple

Steve Friess, Politico:

The company marches to its own iTunes, spending little on lobbying, rarely joining trade associations and, in a pattern that’s become more pronounced this summer, refusing to negotiate or settle in many lawsuits.

Experts say Apple’s tried-and-true approach is starting to backfire, as the company has already taken at least one big hit in a high-profile e-books trial. A recent landmark D.C. appearance by CEO Tim Cook may reflect a new reality for Apple: that direct engagement with lawmakers, regulators and rivals is more effective than trying to remain above it all.

In other words, word on the street in Washington is that it’s a shakedown, pure and simple. The smart move for Apple would be to just pay up, but that’s sad.

Update: Do I believe this? Let’s file my take under “Wait and see”. But it’s worth noting that this piece is from Politico, a DC insider site (if not the DC insider site) — not an Apple site.

Sunday, 4 August 2013