McDonald’s Suggested Budget for Employees Shows Just How Impossible It Is to Get by on Minimum Wage

Robyn Pennacchia, writing at Death and Taxes:

And what do you get for working 74 hours a week? Well, you don’t get heat, clearly. There’s a big ol’ zero next to the heat in that chart. In my building– we have separate checks for gas and electric– that would mean that not only do you not get to heat and cool your home, but also that you do not get to heat your water, or cook on your stove, if you have a gas stove (I do).

Also noticeably absent in this budget? Food. And gas. There’s a line for a car payment, but not for gas. Which is suspect, because if you’re working two jobs it’s possible you will pay more for your gas than you’d be paying for your car. Also… health insurance for $20 a month? […]

There are people who comfort themselves by telling themselves that poor people are only poor because poor people are lazy. Pretty sure someone who works 74 hours a week isn’t lazy.

(Via Sarah Pavis, who is guest posting for Kottke this week, and killing it.)

Tuesday, 6 August 2013