‘The Limits of Innovation’

A long-time DF reader put forth this January 2004 Fast Company feature by Carleen Hawn as the best (i.e. worst) Apple claim chowder of all time. I wouldn’t go that far (the top of my all-time claim chowder list is mostly filled with 2007 iPhone doubter pieces), but this one does deserve consideration. It’s not comically bad, but rather a profound misunderstanding of where Apple stood a decade ago. A taste:

“Companies that rely too heavily on creativity flame out,” [Howard] Anderson says. “In many ways, execution is more important. Apple is innovative, but Dell executes.”


Without the iPod, Apple is in trouble. That’s why recent releases of competing portable music players take on great significance. Selling for as little as $299, the Dell DJ is about $100 cheaper than the iPod with the same 5,000 song capacity. (A $500 iPod holds 10,000 songs). A third product, a 20-GB unit made by Samsung to work with Napster 2.0, costs $100 less than the 20-GB iPod, or about $300, and boasts a lot more features, including a built-in FM transmitter — to play songs on a car radio — and a voice recorder.

Monday, 9 September 2013