Ben Thompson on iPhone Pricing

Smart take. The key takeaway: do not expect the iPhone 5C to be cheap or low-cost. It’s going to be at least $500 unsubsidized, I think. Lower cost, not low cost.

Update: My day-before best guess on what we’ll see tomorrow: new 5S takes over the high end spot in the lineup. The new iPhone 5C takes the mid-range spot currently occupied by the 4S, and the 4S quietly hangs around for another year as the third-tier model. I now think the 5C is replacing the plain no-letter iPhone 5. But don’t take my word for it, I’m heading into this event mostly in the dark.

Demo-wise, I’m most looking forward to seeing Apple’s iOS 7 designs for their App Store apps — iBooks, Find My iPhone, iPhoto, iMovie, iWork, etc. Update 2: Alas, now I’m hearing no updated iLife apps tomorrow. They have to update iBooks, though, right?

Monday, 9 September 2013