2013 Philadelphia FARE Walk for Food Allergies

Amy Gruber:

We’ve been dealing with Jonas’s allergy since he was 11 months old. His first exposure to dairy was intense. He exploded in hives. His tongue swelled. We got him to an emergency room, where he was given epinephrine and steroids. His second exposure, very fortunately, was in a controlled hospital setting, but even worse. He went into anaphylactic shock. His third exposure, a waiter incorrectly brought real ice cream instead of soy ice cream. Jonas vomited after a single bite, but was otherwise fine. Generally, as a parent, you are mortified if your kid pukes in a restaurant. Here, I felt like we could just call it even. No hard feelings.

For the last few years, my wife has raised money for a charity that means a lot to our family. DF readers have been wonderfully generous with this, and it would mean a lot to me, my wife, and my son if you were again. Thanks.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013