The Folly of Extrapolating Product Sales From Apple Supplier Data

More on the very-wrong Peter Misek from Daniel Dilger at AppleInsider:

It’s interesting to note, however, that back in June, Jefferies analyst Peter Misek reported that Apple had cut production orders for iPhones, based on his “inventory checks.” Misek didn’t detail all of his research, but he did specifically note one reason for believing that Apple was cutting its iPhone orders.

“Our checks also indicate,” Misek wrote, as covered by CNET, “that Apple’s wafer starts at Samsung’s Austin fab have likely been cut.”

We don’t know that Misek’s understanding of Apple’s “wafer starts” in Austin were accurate, but if they were, there’s more than one reason for that to occur.

The problem for Misek: speculation is mounting that the A7 is produced by TSMC, not Samsung. Thus, he may be right that Apple cut orders from Samsung, but wrong about the reason. The time may have come where Apple has told Samsung to, well, take its flunkies and dangle.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013