Anand Lal Shimpi Reviews the iPhone 5S

Copiously detailed and researched. A genuine pleasure to read. So glad Apple provided AnandTech with iPhone review units. As I concluded, the 5S is a performance and graphics powerhouse:

There’s more graphics horsepower under the hood of the iPhone 5s than there is in the iPad 4. While I don’t doubt the iPad 5 will once again widen that gap, keep in mind that the iPhone 5s has less than 1/4 the number of pixels as the iPad 4. If I were a betting man, I’d say that the A7 was designed not only to drive the 5s’ 1136 × 640 display, but also a higher res panel in another device. Perhaps an iPad mini with Retina Display? There’s no solving the memory bandwidth requirements, but the A7 surely has enough compute power to get there. Not to mention that Apple hasn’t had issues in the past with delivering a SoC that wasn’t perfect for the display.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013