Rene Ritchie Reviews iOS 7

Rene Ritchie goes deep on iOS 7:

iOS has always stressed direct manipulation and 1:1 touch tracking, because it created the illusion of genuine interaction. Combine that with the new engines, and now the illusion is even better. You’re not just tapping buttons, you’re moving objects through their own virtual space. You’re not just flipping through a stack of tabs tediously drawn to look and move like cards, hiccuping and losing proper perspective as you go. You’re flipping real card-shaped objects that fly past, always in perfect perspective because they’re rendered to be. It’s so real, it begins to feel like a game. and that’s exactly the point. Real gamification is about enabling discovery though play. It’s about rewarding intuition with delight. It’s about making computing fun.

No idea how anyone is getting any work done today — so much great stuff to read, so many updated apps to try.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013