Jony Ive and Craig Federighi Interview With USA Today

Another interview on the cusp of the release of the iPhone 5S and 5C, this one with Marco della Cava of USA Today:

Federighi says iOS 7’s new look is inextricably linked with technological advances.

“This is the first post-Retina (Display) UI (user interface), with amazing graphics processing thanks to tremendous GPU (graphics processing unit) power growth, so we had a different set of tools to bring to bear on the problem as compared to seven years ago (when the iPhone first launched),” he says. “Before, the shadowing effect we used was a great way to distract from the limitations of the display. But with a display that’s this precise, there’s nowhere to hide. So we wanted a clear typography.”

Very interesting — sounds like Ive and Federighi get along very well. (Although I think that was exactly the point of Apple having paired them together for these interviews — emphasizing the harmony atop Apple’s executive ranks, in stark contrast to the situation just one year ago.) Much better piece than the Businessweek one today.

Thursday, 19 September 2013