Dustin Curtis on the iPhone 5S

Some nice observations on the design details.

Update: I think Curtis misunderstands how Touch ID works, though:

#14. Touch ID works well, but there’s a 1-2 second delay. When the phone is locked, using Touch ID to unlock is kind of unwieldy; you have to place your finger on the home button sensor, press the button, and then release the button — while still resting your finger on top of it — before Siri activates. It works, but feels strange.

Touch ID has nothing to do with clicking the button, and there should be almost no delay. Certainly not two seconds. You don’t need to press and hold the button to get it to scan your finger. You just rest your finger on the sensor — no click necessary — and it works. When the phone is asleep, you do need to wake it up, so you can do that with a click of the home button and then just keep your finger on the button, resting without pressing. There is no race condition with the press-and-hold action to activate Siri.

Try this: rest your finger on the home button while the phone is locked. Wake the phone using the power button, not the home button. Instantly unlocked.

Monday, 23 September 2013