Dean Holland’s iPhone 5S Camera Review

Dean Holland has written a great review of the new iPhone 5S camera:

I often get phone calls asking me what camera I use, and I first have to clarify “Do you mean for work or pleasure?”. The answers are very different. My workhorse cameras are no-compromise performance tools, with no concessions at all to being easy to carry or enjoyable to use. They are all business, and they’re the last thing that I would want to take with me on holiday. I see the iPhone 5S as an attempt to make the opposite, a no-compromise fun phone-camera that adds to life. Each does its job better for not trying to do what the other does so well.

Totally agree. The 5S was the only camera I took with me to Portland for XOXO last weekend, and I got some great shots of the event and my friends. Over the years I’ve usually taken a “good” camera with me to conferences; the difference with the iPhone as my main camera is interesting. I get worse photos, technically, particularly in low light. But I get more of them, because the camera is always with me.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013