Piper Jaffray Poll Shows iPhone and iPad Popular Among Middle- and High-Income U.S. Teens

I haven’t seen the actual report, but based on this bit in AppleInsider’s coverage:

Piper Jaffray’s survey is built on interviews with thousands of teens from high-income families (household income above $104,000) and similar visits with more teens from average-income families ($54,000). The study had a total participant pool of 8,643.

I would say AppleInsider’s headline (“More Than Half of Teens Own an iPhone, iPad Immensely Popular”) is wrong. The description of the methodology suggests that lower-income teens were not included in the survey.

But, still. This, like previous versions of the same survey, seemingly refutes the oft-trotted-out notion from Apple competitors that teens don’t like iOS products because they’re seen as being for old people. Examples here, here, here, and, perhaps most hilariously, here:

“Teens are telling us Apple is done,” says Tina Wells of the youth marketing agency Buzz Marketing Group. “Apple has done a great job of embracing Gen X and older [Millennials], but I don’t think they are connecting with Millennial kids. [They’re] all about Surface tablets/laptops and Galaxy.”

(Also worth noting: the iPad Mini seems curiously unpopular in this poll. Seems odd given the overall popularity of the Mini.)

Wednesday, 9 October 2013