The Prodigal Guide Reviews the Vertu Constellation

Timothy Barber takes a look at Vertu’s new £4,000 (roughly $6,000 USD) Android phone (which does have one interesting feature: a sapphire crystal display):

So is it worth it? OH GOOD LORD NO, of course not. If a £7,000 phone is for people who sneeze that kind of money without noticing, we can’t really see how a £4,000 phone isn’t. But Vertu, which has been heavily researching a fast-changing market as it goes through its own fast change post-Nokia, is going after a broader market, and judging that there’s a bunch of people to be tapped who’ll respond at the lower price point.

Remember “I Am Rich”, the $999 iPhone app that served no purpose other than as a statement that the purchaser could afford such an app? That’s Vertu.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013