Right on Schedule: Apple Announces Special Event for October 22

This one is in San Francisco, in the Yerba Buena Center. To me, that signifies that this is a bigger, more important event than last month’s iPhone 5S/5C introduction on Apple’s campus. Higher profile location, and the space holds more people.

(I think it holds a lot more people, but I’m a bad estimator of crowd sizes. The Yerba Buena Center website says their theater has 757 seats. I’d guess Apple’s Town Hall holds at most 350 people. Anyone know how many seats are in there?)

Update: A few readers pointed to this 2011 piece by Jeff Richardson, wherein he links to a 360 degree panorama of the Town Hall theater, which shows a seating capacity of about 250. But I think Apple recently put all-new seating in the room, and an anonymous little birdie on Twitter says the official capacity is now 301, which sounds about right to me.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013