From the DF Archive: More on Google and Patents

Yours truly, two years ago:

And yes, there are some who will argue that there are no “worthy patents”, that the entire U.S. patent system should simply be abolished. That’s not going to happen. Google’s blog post comes across as whining that Apple and Microsoft (Microsoft especially) aren’t sitting back and allowing Android to destroy their businesses. Maybe the patent system should be killed. It certainly should be reformed. But these are the laws we have. Google’s ace in this fight: search revenue. Microsoft’s ace: its patent library. You fight with what you have.

Two thoughts.

First, the dynamite in Rockstar’s suit against Google filed yesterday is that it is going after Google’s search revenue.

Second, it’s cute how even I thought, just two years ago, that Google was pursuing a mobile patents portfolio only for “defensive” purposes.

Friday, 1 November 2013