Ken Segall on Apple’s ‘Misunderstood’ Ad

Ken Segall:

Of course, we’re talking about Apple here — so there’s no shortage of critics eager to tell us why the commercial fails. Take your pick: it says little about the product, any smartphone can make a movie, or the spot is a depressing statement about human values.

Good grief.

Most of these people mistake their personal opinion, instinct, values and/or taste for actual marketing talent. There are tens of millions of people who will stop in their tracks at this commercial and wipe a tear from their eye. As a result, they will feel slightly more attached to Apple, which is the marketing purpose of this spot.

Almost unbelievable contrast to those aforelinked spots from Samsung and Nokia. Those ads are so bad; this one from Apple is so good. And Apple is putting it out there — I saw the full 90-second spot at least twice while watching NFL football yesterday.

Monday, 23 December 2013