Chris Rawson of TUAW on 9to5 Mac’s 2013 Rumor Reporting

Chris Rawson:

I examined all of 9to5 Mac’s articles between January 1 and December 28 2013. This was 326 pages of content, at 6 articles per page, for a total of 1956 articles. […]

9to5 Mac posted an impressively high 73 rumor articles that turned out to be entirely true, and this included all of the articles derived from their own original sources — a truly impressive and commendable 30 articles in total. 9to5 Mac absolutely does have someone inside Apple (probably several someones) feeding them accurate information.

If that were the whole story, then it’d be time for me to shut up and retire. Unfortunately, 9to5 Mac isn’t content to stick with its own trusted sources, and it takes the same “shotgun” approach as everyone else by posting idiotic analyst speculation and Digitimes-derived BS with only occasional nods in the general direction of skepticism.

In short: Mark Gurman’s rumor reporting: excellent. All the random “some analyst says…” / “some random site is reporting…” bullshit that they parrot: crap.

Thursday, 2 January 2014