Yahoo Tech

Yahoo’s new David Pogue-helmed tech site launches with the simple (and exclamation-mark-free) name Yahoo Tech.

Update: There’s some dispute over what constitutes an exclamation-mark-free name. Here’s what I mean: Yahoo’s logo still has the bang. And some of the headlines end with one — “Come Take a Tour of the New Yahoo Tech!” — but there, I think it’s clearly meant as punctuation for the headline, to convey a sense of Pogue-ish happy enthusiasm, not as part of the name of the site. E.g., here’s Pogue’s first paragraph:

Let us take you on a tour of the new Yahoo Tech. Hey, that’s the site you’re on right now!

I’ve never included the bang in Yahoo’s name, but for years, they tried to assert that the bang was part of it. That one should write, Yahoo! is a website, and not, Yahoo is a website. Thankfully, they seem to have abandoned that under Marissa Mayer. Even the <title> tag on the Yahoo home page now reads simply “Yahoo”.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014