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From the Department of Not-News

I’ve linked here to a synopsis at The Next Web; here’s what Jessica Lessin reported behind The Information paywall:

Apple appears to have run into some challenges with the screen technology, according to two people close to the company. Toward the end of last year, Apple considered going in a different direction with the screen due to some battery issues, one of these people said.

The company also halted advanced prototyping of some unknown pieces with one manufacturer late last year, according to an industry executive. That may not mean much. Apple spins manufacturers up and down all the time.

How is this news, other than the implicit confirmation that Apple is working on some sort of wearable device with a small screen? The real news would be if a totally new product from Apple didn’t push the envelope in terms of design, component technology, and manufacturing. That would be a sign of Apple coasting.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014