Apple: Thirty Years of Mac

Lovely, expansive, (and responsive) look at the Mac’s first 30 years, from Apple itself. When people play the “Apple wouldn’t have done this if Steve Jobs were still in charge” card, they generally do so in the sense of, Apple has done something I don’t like and/or which I perceive to be a mistake. I use this card rarely, but I’m going to play it now, but in the sense of, Steve Jobs seemed almost averse to celebrating past accomplishments, and in general that served Apple well, keeping the company’s focus always on the future, not the past, but this, this is a milestone worth celebrating. I don’t think Apple would be celebrating this milestone if Jobs were still in charge — I don’t recall much of a fuss over the 25th or 20th anniversaries — but I’m glad they are.

It’s fun to see the old hardware presented in Apple’s modern branding style. And, it’s great — no, insanely great — to see Jobs himself on Apple’s website again.

Friday, 24 January 2014