TechCrunch: Nest Team Will Become Google’s Core Hardware Group

Romain Dillet, writing for AOL/TechCrunch:

Recently, Google acquired Nest, and TechCrunch has learned that Google has big plans for the team behind the connected device company. […]

Moreover, Fadell managed to attract great Apple engineers when he started working on Nest. They wanted to follow Fadell’s plans and were good engineers. And that’s exactly what Google was looking for when it acquired Nest. When it comes to budget, Google is willing to let the Nest team use as many resources as it needs. In other words, the company is getting serious about consumer hardware, and Motorola was just a false start.

That’s what I thought, right from the start. The key is Tony Fadell’s ambition and track record. He’s not looking to make Google thermostats; he’s looking to change the world.

Google selling Motorola to Lenovo isn’t a sign that Google isn’t interested in Apple-style hardware/software product development — it’s a sign that they’ve found a much better way to do it in Nest.

Thursday, 30 January 2014