Microsoft Is Wrapping Mobile Websites and Calling Them Apps

Blair Hanley Frank, reporting for GeekWire:

The new Redfin app for Microsoft’s Windows Phone promises to deliver the core features of the online real estate service, including the ability to search for homes to rent or buy, research neighborhoods, and find an agent. But unlike Redfin’s 4.5-star apps for iPhone and Android, this app gets a 2.5-star rating, and a string of negative reviews.

“Mediocre experience at best,” says one reviewer. “Please get the real app.”

As it turns out, this isn’t a native Windows Phone app — and it wasn’t made by Redfin. It was developed by Microsoft, by packaging up Redfin’s mobile website in the form of an installable app. In fact, the existence of the Redfin app for Windows Phone was a surprise to Redfin.

Just embarrassing.

Monday, 24 February 2014