Economic Demographics of U.S. iPhone Buyers

Philip Elmer-DeWitt:

One third of Apple’s U.S. sales in 2013 were to Americans making more than $100,000 a year, and of that group, Apple’s share was 65%, according to NPD (which did not provide a spreadsheet supporting that number).

The bad news is that the cream of the U.S. market is also the segment that is growing most slowly — only 4% year over year according to NPD.

The fastest growing segment — people making under $30,000 a year — grew at 42% a year, double the industry rate. Only 20% iPhone sales went to that segment of the market, compared with 35% for Samsung.

I’d say it’s rather impressive that so many people making under $30,000 a year bought an iPhone. Samsung’s phone lineup includes a slew of low-priced, low-margin models. Apple’s does not. (Via Hey Cupertino.)

Tuesday, 25 February 2014