Facts and Figures From Apple’s Shareholder Meeting

Daniel Dilger, reporting for Apple Insider:

Cook added that Apple now has 800 million iOS users and has handled over 16 trillion push notifications, with 40 billion new ones occurring every day. Apple also delivers several billion iMessages and FaceTime requests every day. Cook added that iPad now accounts for 78 percent of all tablets used throughout the enterprise.

These numbers were conflated by some people — I saw tweets saying Cook had claimed 40 billion iMessages per day, not push notifications in general. But still, that’s a big number. Push notifications are messages, so in a sense, Apple’s platform is operating at a scale very close in size to WhatsApp (which claims 50 billion messages per day), but distributed across thousands of different apps.

800 million iOS users is an enormous number as well.

Update: Jon Anhold makes a good point on Twitter:

@daringfireball I bet a fair number of those push notifications ARE WhatsApp.

Friday, 28 February 2014