‘Why the Nokia X Family Is Bad for Everyone’

Jerry Hildenbrand, writing for Android Central:

Does Nokia want its Android legacy to be this shiny pile of lag and fail? Of course not. But chances are it will be. That’s not fair to the engineers, the fans of the brand, or the company itself. But does anyone really think Microsoft will let Nokia build a phone that rivals the latest and greatest from LG or Samsung? Of course they won’t, because that won’t drive Windows phone sales. As a business, they have to do what is best for their own sales.

The problem with the Nokia X is that it indicates a profound lack of focus. These phones are of no strategic value to Nokia. Samsung, in contrast, can afford to experiment with Tizen because they’re in a position of strength — the only handset maker other than Apple making any money. And it is in Samsung’s strategic interests to reduce its dependency on Google.

It makes no sense for Nokia, which is losing money, to reduce its dependency on Microsoft.

Friday, 28 February 2014