WSJ Runs Excerpt From ‘Haunted Empire’

More telling than the excerpt itself, which I found pretty much empty (Tim Cook is a demanding boss, intensely private, and a frugal spender), is the video interview with Kane:

Daisuke Wakabayashi: The one big question that hangs over Apple, anyone who follows Apple, is, have they lost their touch? Is Apple still king of the hill? After two years, what’s your conclusion?

Yukari Iwatani Kane: I think the answer is obvious to me. The answer has got to be yes. This is a company who had revolved around Steve Jobs for so long, I mean that was something that Jobs himself went out of his way to make sure of. And the people there are conditioned to operate, to play off of his strengths and weaknesses. And so now you’ve got this completely opposite guy in Tim Cook, who is I think brilliant in many ways, but in different ways. But so they’re going through some growing pains in that. […]

Wakabayashi: A normal great company, but maybe no longer an iconic company?

Kane: Right.

Saturday, 1 March 2014