‘It’s the Software, Dummy’

Dan Moren, writing for Macworld:

Most people probably don’t ever think about the software in their car. And with good reason, too, since most automakers aren’t exactly consumed with a passion for developing software. Even in the cases where car companies do want to pimp the software features, the spotlight’s always going to be on the newest model — they don’t have too much interest in continuing to update the software on older models, especially when it comes to adding new features.

Sound familiar? Because to me it’s reminiscent of the state of the cell phone market prior to about, oh, 2007.

I like the analogy. But is CarPlay the iPhone in 2007, or the Rokr in 2005? From what I’ve seen today:

Update: I guess Eddy Cue drives a Ferrari?

Tuesday, 4 March 2014