The Information: ‘Google Takes Aim at the iPhone With Android “Silver” Program’

Amir Efrati, behind The Information’s paywall:

LG Electronics, which has produced the last two Nexus phones with Google, is expected to participate in the Silver effort. Motorola, which Google recently agreed to sell to China-based Lenovo Group, is another prime candidate for the program, as are other Chinese manufacturers that have long wanted to enter the higher end of the market. Samsung, Sony and HTC, which already sell high-end phones and have made big bets on customized software and on their own consumer brands, are unlikely to partake in Silver, at least at first.

I’d say the headline is wrong here. Android Silver doesn’t sound like something aimed at the iPhone — it’s aimed at Samsung. There is a high-end Android phone market, and Samsung owns nearly all of it.

Friday, 2 May 2014