Joanna Stern Reviews the Updated MacBook Airs

Joanna Stern:

It’s still got the same unmatched trackpad response, comfortable backlit keyboard and sturdy aluminum build. The 11-inch version costs $899 and has 9 hours of battery life, but I’d suggest going for the $999 13-inch version if you need more screen and keyboard real estate, an SD card slot and 12 hours of battery life. Even if you double the internal storage to 256GB and double the RAM to 8GB, the total cost is still $1,299.

My verdict: If you need a new laptop, this is the one to buy, especially with the $100 price cut. In fact, that’s been my verdict on the Air for several years. I’ve never met a better laptop. And I’ve met a lot of laptops.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014