‘Year of Luigi’ Generates $456 Million Loss for Nintendo

John Teti:

Among the most notable fuckups that can be attributed to Luigi’s piss-poor leadership are dwindling sales of the Wii U — Nintendo sold 2.72 million of them, well behind the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One — and a dearth of quality non-Luigi-related Wii U games. But even Mario’s idiot brother couldn’t run the Nintendo 3DS into the ground, as Nintendo’s flagship portable continues to sell at a steady clip — 12.26 million of them were sold in the fiscal year.

Something’s gumming up the plumbing, poor Luigi’s in a bind.
Killer turtles out to get him, creepy crabs are right behind.
Fighter flies, jeepers cripes!
They’re all coming out the pipes!

Mario, where are you?

Thursday, 8 May 2014