‘As Best They Can’

Android Police, on the “100 MB of free Verizon cell service for two years” rip-off for Chromebook Pixel owners:

For their part, Google seems to be dealing as best they can with Verizon’s stonewall. Customer support agents at Google don’t have any sway over Verizon, though they say that they’ve escalated the matter. The text describing the free data for the Pixel LTE listing on the Play Store previously read: “includes 100MB/month of mobile broadband service from Verizon Wireless, free for 2 years.” That’s been removed and replaced with the following: “This Pixel LTE is currently not eligible for any free Verizon data plans.

How is that “dealing the best they can”? Verizon didn’t sell these Chromebooks with the promise of two years of free service — Google did. You buy Chromebook Pixels directly from Google’s own Play Store, and until recently, when you did, they were sold with the promise of two years of free 100 MB per month data service from Verizon. Google can and should make this right by paying Verizon whatever it costs to fulfill this promise.

Update: Now Google is offering Pixel owners who were promised two years of LTE service $150 on prepaid Visa gift cards. That’s better.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014