Another Xiaomi Shocker

Here’s a beautiful photograph of a young girl by Javi Inchusta Gonzalez, posted to Flickr. Note that it was taken with a Nikon D700 SLR, and that its licensing is set to “Copyright, All Rights Reserved”.

Now go back to our old friend, the Xiaomi Mi 3 “Features” page. Scroll down to where they show the Android photo gallery app, and look at the first image, labeled as a shot from the device’s camera roll. (Screenshot.)

So Xiaomi:

  • Ripped off a copyright photo. (I’ll eat my hat if they obtained permission to use this photo from Gonzalez.)

  • Is passing off photos taken with professional SLRs as shots from their phone’s camera.

I wouldn’t be surprised if most or even all the example photos in their gallery are similar ripoffs. (Hat tip.)

Update: Another. And three more. They even stole one from National Geographic. Like I said, they’re probably all rip-offs, and all misrepresentations of the Mi 3’s actual camera.

Friday, 25 July 2014